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By measuring student perceptions, the Panorama Student Survey gathers feedback from students about their classroom experience. Decades of research have shown that student perceptions strongly correlate with learning outcomes and can be an important improvement tool for school systems.

We designed the Panorama Student Survey as a series of scales—groups of student survey questions that capture different aspects of the same underlying theme—to allow educators to customize the survey with the topics they value most.

The comprehensive survey covers nineteen key topics: from pedagogical effectiveness and school climate, to student engagement and growth mindset. Thousands of teachers have used the survey as a formative tool, educators have used it to assess the effectiveness of their interventions, and districts have used it as part of educator evaluation systems.

Survey translations are available in 12 languages and our team can work closely with your school or district to support additional translations. For school and district leaders interested in advanced data analysis and survey reporting programs, learn more about our products.


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