Panorama Surveys | Collect Reliable Feedback

[ad_1] “On our journey to improve school quality, we asked ourselves, ‘Are we meeting the requirements of our students and families?’ One of those requirements is a safe, caring, welcoming environment, and we now have a better tool to measure that in a reliable and valid way.” Dr. Mike Kimbrel Executive Director of … Read morePanorama Surveys | Collect Reliable Feedback

Panorama Student Survey | Panorama Education

[ad_1] By measuring student perceptions, the Panorama Student Survey gathers feedback from students about their classroom experience. Decades of research have shown that student perceptions strongly correlate with learning outcomes and can be an important improvement tool for school systems. We designed the Panorama Student Survey as a series of scales—groups of student survey questions that capture … Read morePanorama Student Survey | Panorama Education

Panorama Surveys | Panorama Education

[ad_1] Panorama surveys help you see the whole child With Panorama, schools and districts can transform survey results into insights using our best-in-class data analytics. Explore your data with inquiry tools that highlight trends over time, gaps between subgroups, strengths and areas for growth. View your survey results at a glance See your high-level results … Read morePanorama Surveys | Panorama Education

Office of Research, Assessment and Evaluation / School Climate Survey

[ad_1] At New Haven Public Schools, we want to serve you and your child better.  Your feedback and input is extremely important in this process.     Your voice counts as we encourage you to please complete the 2022-2023 School Climate Survey! YOUR opinion is crucial to helping NHPS improve the learning environment for all students. … Read moreOffice of Research, Assessment and Evaluation / School Climate Survey

YouthTruth Student Survey | A National Nonprofit

[ad_1] We believe, and research shows, that student and stakeholder voice matters. We equip education leaders to integrate these on-the-ground insights into planning, professional development, and improvement processes. What would your school system look like if the unique perspectives of your students, families, and staff were central to decision-making? You’d likely see a happier, healthier, … Read moreYouthTruth Student Survey | A National Nonprofit

Using the Panorama Teacher Survey

[ad_1] Join us for a live webinar: Wednesday, June 3 – 2:00PM-2:30PM EST Teachers play a critical role in creating positive school cultures. During this session, we will discuss how to use the Panorama Teacher Survey to engage your teachers and to effectively collect their feedback.  The Panorama Teacher Survey is a research-based teacher perception … Read moreUsing the Panorama Teacher Survey

Survey Pros | We can fulfill all your survey needs

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Panorama Student Survey

[ad_1] In this survey guide, you will get access to: The complete Panorama Student Survey, featuring 19 school and classroom topics: Student Engagement, School Climate, Rigorous Expectations, and more. A detailed description of how to use perception surveys in your classroom, school, or district to collect valid and reliable data. A summary of the research conducted by Dr. Hunter Gehlbach, Associate Professor at the Gevirtz … Read morePanorama Student Survey

Learning Recovery Survey Questions for K-12

[ad_1] Bring student, family, and staff voices into your learning recovery plans for back to school 2021-22 How confident do your students feel in their ability to learn this school year? What support(s) do families believe that their children need to be successful this year? How confident are teachers and staff in their ability to support students … Read moreLearning Recovery Survey Questions for K-12