Hahaione Elementary School


HIDOE Requirement Related to COVID-19 for All Volunteers
this message updated August 24, 2021

All volunteers who help at our school are required to submit a Volunteer Attestation Statement and proof of vaccination (if vaccinated) or a weekly COVID test result (if unvaccinated) to the school office. The Volunteer Attestation Statement can be found on our school website, and we have hard copies available at the office. For proof of vaccination, please submit a copy of your vaccination card or you can bring your original card, and we can make a copy for you. We appreciate your support, cooperation, and for helping to keep our school safe! Any questions, please email our Principal, Mr. Goo at [email protected].

** If you are volunteering at our schook, please submit the Volunteer Attestation Statement and your proof of vaccination (if vaccinated). If unvaccinated, please submit your COVID test result before volunteering. Thank you!


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