Contribute to world changing research

Contribute to world changing research


Earn money for sharing your unique experiences today.

Experience a wide variety of thoughtful, fun and unusual research

Listen to the sound. What shape do you imagine?

Investigating customer loyalty to UK high street stores.

Imagine you’re a member of a jury. What will you decide?

Earn money

Researchers pay a minimum of £6.00/$8.00 an hour but many pay more. Enjoy bonuses and instant cash outs too.

Answer anonymously

Contribute meaningfully to science, confident that your identity is always protected.

Completely flexible hours

Join in whenever you like from the comfort of your home. There’s no penalty if you’re busy.

What our participants say about us


“Prolific is ideal for people of various backgrounds, as researchers often want a diverse range of people. I also get to learn what researchers are studying and to see any results of people’s views, as well as get paid.”


“I think the Prolific platform is excellent! It is one of the best paid survey platforms and the instant cash out system is brilliant.”

Geological Advisor

“I really enjoy the academic prolific surveys as they are in a different area than my background. This makes them enjoyable, thought-provoking and rewarding to do.”

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