Surveys for Money | Get Paid To Do Surveys in Australia


Yes, you really can get paid to do surveys — here’s how it works:

  1. Create your free account.
  2. Connect your bank accounts to earn double the pay per survey.
  3. Complete 2-3 surveys a week.
  4. Withdraw  your earnings once you’ve earned $20 or more.

It’s really that simple. All of our Australian paid online surveys vary in length and typically take between 5 to 15 minutes — a perfect amount of time for your commute to work or before you go to bed. 

By creating your free account and downloading our app, you can complete surveys related to everything from your holiday plans to your experiences using different brands or products. Plus, you can earn more pay for your say by connecting your bank accounts to earn double pay for each survey you complete. You can also lock in your first $5.00 by connecting your accounts and completing your welcome survey!   

So why not earn money online in Australia with Surveyz? Embrace the potential of making money with quick and straightforward paid online surveys today, and start earning some extra cash while talking about what you know best. You’re already sharing opinions with friends and family — so why not pick up a few bucks for doing it? 

Trusted by Australians, Surveyz can help you make money in real-time, all online, with our secure and free app. 


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